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Photo of previous client

Katie with twins Paige and Parker

(10 months)

Bijal has helped significantly for the whole family. 

We had got into a really difficult rut with my twin girls - they would only nap in their pram whilst being walked and would wake instantly when I stopped.  I would wake frequently through the night with each of them.

Now is a completely different routine and I feel fully in control of our day and night.

Thank you Bijal, you really have transformed our home, everyone is so much happier and well rested! 

Photo of previous client

Arun with Anushka

(16 months)

Bijal and her sleep training methods have actually changed our lives!  For 17months we struggled with our daughter's sleep, with her waking multiple times in the night and wanting us to hold her at every nap and bed time. After just 2 weeks of following Bijal's programme, our daughter was able to fall asleep in her cot without us and is now sleeping for longer stretches during the night. 

We honestly couldn't thank Bijal enough for her continued support and very successful programme.

Photo of previous client couple

Kiran and Daniel with Rupert

(3 years)

We found Bijal to be incredibly supportive of us as parents, and of our 3 year old non-sleeper. She recognised our concerns and we felt heard throughout our time with her. She helped us adapt our plans when we felt our original goalposts had moved given the lockdown, and did this without any criticism, only encouragement. She worked with us to reach a place that worked for us as a family, and we cannot recommend her enough.