How I Can Help

See below for commonly encountered sleep problems that I can help with

Mother holding and looking down at baby

Difficulty settling to sleep

Does your little one find it difficult to wind down and fall asleep at night? Are you spending long periods of time holding/ rocking/ swaying them?

Baby with dummy

Early rising

Is your little one waking before 6am every morning and   refusing to go back to sleep?      Are you exhausted from the   consistent early starts to your day?

Tired baby yawning

Night wakings

Does your little one wake multiple times in the night leaving you exhausted? Do they get into your bed in the night and refuse to get back into their own?

Young boy lying in bed

Resisting bedtime

Does your child refuse to go to bed in the evening? 

Do they use delaying tactics and multiple requests to prolong bed time? Is this causing frustration for you?

Mother and baby co-sleeping


Is co-sleeping disrupting yours and your little one's sleep? Are you ready to move them into their own room but need support in doing so?

Toddler in carseat yawning and rubbing eye

Nap difficulties

Does your little one find it difficult to fall asleep for naps? Will they only nap on the go? Do they wake after a short period of time and are unable to resettle?