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Welcome to My Star Sleeper- Childhood Sleep Consulting, providing bespoke one-to-one services

to improve your child's sleep.

Are you a parent who is struggling to get your child the sleep he or she needs? Maybe they struggle to settle to sleep, or wake numerous times in the night, or wake too early in the morning. Whatever the issue is, look no further.


Here at My Star Sleeper, you will be provided with the resources and guidance you need to optimise not only your child's, but also your whole family's sleep. 

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I am a qualified GP with a Diploma in Child Health, and a fully certified sleep consultant for children aged between 0 and 6 years.

Having a medical background, I can truly appreciate the physical and mental effects a lack of sleep can have both on your little one as well as on you as a parent.

I myself have been on a long and difficult sleep journey with my daughter, who has an extremely alert temperament and has always found it difficult to switch off. Hence I can fully empathise with parents out there facing the same struggles.

I offer an individualised approach for your child, using gentle techniques to help them to get the best quality and quantity of sleep possible. With the right guidance and support, I believe all children have the ability to sleep well.

So if you're in a position where you feel ready to make a change, please book a free discovery call to find out how I could help your family.

How I Can Help

See below for commonly encountered sleep problems that I can help with

Mother holding and looking down at baby

Difficulty settling to sleep

Does your little one find it difficult to wind down and fall asleep at night? Are you spending long periods of time holding/ rocking/ swaying them?

Baby with dummy

Early rising

Is your little one waking before 6am every morning and   refusing to go back to sleep?      Are you exhausted from the   consistent early starts to your day?

Tired baby yawning

Night wakings

Does your little one wake multiple times in the night leaving you exhausted? Do they get into your bed in the night and refuse to get back into their own?

Young boy lying in bed

Resisting bedtime

Does your child refuse to go to bed in the evening? 

Do they use delaying tactics and multiple requests to prolong bed time? Is this causing frustration for you?

Mother and baby co-sleeping


Is co-sleeping disrupting yours and your little one's sleep? Are you ready to move them into their own room but need support in doing so?

Toddler in carseat yawning and rubbing eye

Nap difficulties

Does your little one find it difficult to fall asleep for naps? Will they only nap on the go? Do they wake after a short period of time and are unable to resettle?

Success Stories

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Photo of previous client

Katie with twins Paige and Parker

(10 months)

Bijal has helped significantly for the whole family. 

We had got into a really difficult rut with my twin girls - they would only nap in their pram whilst being walked and would wake instantly when I stopped.  I would wake frequently through the night with each of them.

Now is a completely different routine and I feel fully in control of our day and night.

Thank you Bijal, you really have transformed our home, everyone is so much happier and well rested! 

Photo of previous client

Arun with Anushka

(16 months)

Bijal and her sleep training methods have actually changed our lives!  For 17months we struggled with our daughter's sleep, with her waking multiple times in the night and wanting us to hold her at every nap and bed time. After just 2 weeks of following Bijal's programme, our daughter was able to fall asleep in her cot without us and is now sleeping for longer stretches during the night. 

We honestly couldn't thank Bijal enough for her continued support and very successful programme.

Photo of previous client couple

Kiran and Daniel with Rupert

(3 years)

We found Bijal to be incredibly supportive of us as parents, and of our 3 year old non-sleeper. She recognised our concerns and we felt heard throughout our time with her. She helped us adapt our plans when we felt our original goalposts had moved given the lockdown, and did this without any criticism, only encouragement. She worked with us to reach a place that worked for us as a family, and we cannot recommend her enough.